Blood Sugar Balance

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Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is a crucial piece to keeping your body healthy. After you eat a meal, you should feel content. If you get extremely energized and do a happy dance, you were likely HYPOglycemic and had very low blood sugar before your meal. (Think of the people that get “hangry” when they don’t eat for a while). 

If you feel sleepy after a meal, you likely overloaded your system with too many sugars/carbohydrates and now you’re HYPERglycemic which means you’re body is having trouble utilizing all the fuel you’ve ingested. Now it has to break down and store the excess. High blood sugar leads to inflammation!

An easy way to maintain your blood sugar is by fueling up with good fats and protein. If blood sugar was a fire, fats and protein would be the big logs of wood that burn slow and steady over time. You’d want to avoid the cheap sugar sources in sweets or simple carbohydrates as the majority of your fuel since those burn fast and then burn out, just like when you add kindling to the fire. 

Think of trail mix as the perfect balance- it’s okay to have the little pieces of dried fruit and candy since you’re also eating lots of protein and fat to balance it out. Adding protein and fat to a meal can slow the absorption of sugars. This way, your blood sugar doesn’t spike, but gradually increases over time.

If you have questions about nutrition, diet, and blood sugar regulation, give us a call We are happy to offer free initial phone consultations as well as nutritional counseling packages.

Picture of Dr. Stephanie Barbakoff DC, DACNB

Dr. Stephanie Barbakoff DC, DACNB

Originally from New York, specializes in women’s health as it relates to post-concussion syndrome, hormones, fatigue, dizziness, and chronic migraines.

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