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Concussion Baseline Testing

Concussion baseline testing is crucial for athletes of all skill levels. It allows us to establish potential risk factors and neurological deficits that could impact an athlete’s performance. The Oculus Brain Centers concussion baseline testing consists of balance and ocular evaluations using gold-standard technology.

concussion baseline testing

Our baseline evaluation includes both balance and vision testing!

BTrackS Sport Balance

BTrackS™ Sport Balance provides sports medicine professionals with a quick, objective and reliable means of assessing athletes balance at baseline and after injury or concussion. This software has been shown to be the greatest concussion sensitivity of any balance testing instrument reported to date.

Right Eye Sports Vision

Hundreds of professional, amateur, collegiate, high school, and youth sports teams all use RightEye to systematically improve their team’s on-field performance and monitor dynamic visual function in the event of an injury.

concussion baseline testing
concussion baseline testing

Accurate and reliable results

Quick and easy to administer (~2 min)

Objective measure of postural sway

Twice as effective as the BESS protocol

Percentile ranking categorized by age/sex

Normative data from over 10,000 athletes

Research-grade eye tracking

Quick and Easy to Administer (~5 min)

Objectively identify visual impairment

Monitor recovery when athletes sustain an injury

Improve on-field performance

Library of 140+ sport-specific training drills

concussion baseline testing

How does it work?

Baseline Testing

Athletes complete their balance and ocular assessments to gather baseline data.


Team doctors review results, identify players with visual impairments, and compare them to athletic norms.


Athletes flagged with dynamic visual or balance impairments are assigned a customized at-home training program.

Follow Up

Athletes are reassessed after completing a training program or after suffering from a TBI-related injury.

concussion baseline testing


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