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dr stephanie barbakoff

In 2012 I totaled my car and my whole life changed.

I sustained injuries to my neck and head that required me to seek medical help. I was a relatively healthy kid and rarely had to go to the doctor. So when my parents and friends told me to go see a neurologist, an orthopedist, or an osteopath for my injures, I wasn’t thrilled about the idea.

My instincts told me to go see a chiropractor. At the time, the extent of my understanding of the profession was that it may help with my neck pain and I wouldn’t be pressured to take medications or have surgery. So when I had my first visit and felt like my old self again, I was completely intrigued by this new form of healthcare that I’d never been exposed to before. Healthcare where people looking to stay healthy were given tools to do so. Preventative medicine- what a concept!

From here, I decided to pursue a doctorate in Chiropractic and that was easily the best decision I’ve made in my life. I’m extremely grateful for my training at Life Chiropractic College West. It offered me a foundation of knowledge and hands on training that I continue to build on today.

My doctorate and specialized training in clinical neuroscience through the Carrick Institute have enabled me to focus my efforts helping people with complex neurological conditions and brain injuries. Moreover, it allows me the avenue and opportunity to serve people who are out of options and out of hope. This has become my life’s work.

Dedicating myself to helping people feel and function better has far reaching effects I will never be able to quantify. When people don’t have pain, they have the chance to be their best selves.

When they don’t have neurological dysfunction, they can hold jobs and support their families. What a gift to be able to give to patients! This is why my days are filled with learning, training, and researching, so I can sleep well knowing I am offering the most effective solutions available.

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Dr. Stephanie Barbakoff DC, DACNB

Dr. Stephanie Barbakoff DC, DACNB

Originally from New York, specializes in women’s health as it relates to post-concussion syndrome, hormones, fatigue, dizziness, and chronic migraines.

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