DUTCH Hormone Testing

DUTCH Hormone Testing

The Dried Urine Test for Complete Hormones (DUTCH) is the leader in salivary and urinary hormonal testing. Where serum testing may offer some information, urine and saliva testing could be the missing piece of your hormonal puzzle. The DUTCH test has the ability to measure your sex hormones (progesterone, estrogen, testosterone) as well as your stress/adrenal hormones (cortisol & DHEA).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a blood test?
No. The DUTCH Plus kit includes four dried urine samples and five saliva samples. These samples are collected over the course of one day, from waking to bed time
How do I get a test kit?
You can either come by the office to purchase and pick up the kit OR we can send you a digital invoice so you can pay online and a kit will be shipped directly to your door at no additional charge.
What if I'm taking hormones? (birth control)

Most women who choose a functional route to balancing their hormones opt to stop oral/synthetic hormones like birth control. Since these types of medications will alter the test results, they should be stopped until your menstrual cycle has regulated. *Consult your prescribing doctor before stopping any medications.* If you choose not to stop taking medications, use the guidelines below for the day of the test.

Oral Estrogen, Testosterone or Pregnenolone: Do not take for 72 hours before your first collection (does not apply to birth control).

Oral DHEA: Do not take for 48 hours before your first collection.

Oral Progesterone: Should be taken at bedtime the night before the test.

Hormone Creams and Gels: Can be taken as usual during the test.

Patches, Pellets and Injections: Collect midway between doses.

Any and All Hormones Taken in the Morning: Do not take until after the 2nd urine collection (sample #4).

When do I take the test?

Men & Non-Cycling or Postmenopausal Women: Collect any day.

Premenopausal Women w/ Regular Cycles: Begin collection between days 19 and 22 of a 28-day cycle. The first day of your period would be day 1. Please be sure to take the sample on a “normal” day of stress and sleep (a normal work day opposed to the weekend). If your sleep is abnormally disturbed, you may want to wait for another day.

Premenopausal Women w/ Longer Cycles or Shorter Cycles: For longer cycles, add the number of days you usually go beyond 28 days. In a similar manner, subtract if your cycles are shorter (example: collect days 17-20 for a 26 day cycle). If your cycles are irregular please contact customer service and they will give you more specified instructions on when to test or if an ovulation test is necessary. (503) 687-2050

Are there food/medication restrictions?

Foods: Avoid avocado, bananas, and fava beans for 48 hours before collecting as they may elevate the HVA organic acid result; if you do consume, please make a note on your requisition form.

Supplements: Some supplements may impact the HVA organic acid result. If you take any of the following, please consult your provider: Tyrosine, L-Dopa, D,L-Phenylalanine (DLPA), Mucuna and Quercetin.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol on collection day and the night before.

Avoid exercise on collection day.

For fluid restriction information, see the full collection instructions below.

How long until I get my results?
It usually takes about 2 weeks to process the results once the lab receives the samples. Once your results are finalized and the doctor has reviewed them, we will give you a call to schedule your hour long interpretation consultation with the doctor.

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