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Functional medicine is the holistic approach to your health. Treating the whole body for underlying issues rather than addressing symptoms is the long term approach to health. There are no one-size-fits-all approaches to functional medicine or autoimmunity that work for everybody. Whether you’re looking for a weight loss program, hormone balance, detoxification strategies, or just want to improve your lifestyle, we believe that customized care plans are the future of holistic health. Below are some of the lab tests that we offer which are selected by our clinicians on a case-by-case basis.

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The Dried Urine Test for Complete Hormones (DUTCH) is the leader in salivary and urinary hormonal testing. Where serum testing may offer some information, urine and saliva testing could be the missing piece of your hormonal puzzle. The DUTCH test has the ability to measure your sex hormones (progesterone, estrogen, testosterone) as well as your stress/adrenal hormones (cortisol & DHEA).

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Neural Zoomer

The Vibrant Neural Zoomer is designed to assess brain inflammation, autoimmunity, and blood brain barrier disruption. This test is backed by a comprehensive compilation of research studies which have identified autoantibodies associated with neurological disorders, enabling early risk detection and prevention of neurological degeneration.

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Gut Zoomer

The test performs the most comprehensive analysis available of your intestinal microbiome from a simple one-time stool collection. It is important to know the bacteria that live in the GI tract because imbalances in the gut microbiome may lead to gas, bloating, skin conditions, autoimmune disorders, and multiple inflammatory disorders.

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Total Toxicity

This comprehensive toxicity test includes mycotoxin testing, heavy metals, and environmental toxins. Screening patients with multiple chronic inflammatory symptoms, resistance to weight loss, and signs of excessive total toxic load is important to detecting unknown chemical exposure to daily products, foods, and environment.

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Food Sensitivity

Food Sensitivity testing can be very useful to help prioritize an elimination or rotation diet. Removing foods that the body has produced antibodies to usually alleviates symptoms because the source of inflammation is removed.

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