Functional Neurology

What Is Functional Neurology?

Many patients ask the difference between medical neurology and functional neurology. Traditional medical neurology looks at the “black and white” of neurological disease; Do you have a tumor? Are you having a stroke? For these types of emergency issues, call a medical neurologist.

Functional Neurology explores the gray side of neurological problems, with focus on conditions relating to diminished function such as migraine, post concussion syndrome, dizziness and many others. Another major difference between medical neurology and functional neurology is that the therapies and applications of a functional neurologist do not include drugs or surgery, generally, making functional neurology a safer way to explore neurological health issues.

Doctors who practice using a functional neurological approach are trained to detect subtle changes in the nervous system, oftentimes detecting conditions early, before they become pathological. A functional approach means we are focused on optimizing neurological integrity. We continue to study the most current research in order to gain a diverse array of therapeutic tools to create meaningful changes in the brain. If you are looking for a  functional neurologist in San Diego, or if you want to learn more about functional neurology, please call today and find out why Oculus Brain Centers is the premier center for functional neurology in San Diego.

Dysfunction of neurological systems can occur at a level that may not be detected through advanced imaging techniques as there may be no pathological origin of damage. Many of our patients end up in our office with normal brain scans wondering why they are still having symptoms. This is because many higher imaging techniques are not sensitive enough to detect the subtle changes in the brain in people with conditions such as migraine headaches, post-concussion syndrome, and many forms of dizziness or vertigo.

Once the root cause has been identified, our clinicians apply the most precise, conservative therapeutic program, specific to each individual, in order to achieve maximum results. We utilize the ever-evolving body of evidence & research to guide us in our evaluation and diagnosis.

Our brain-based approach to therapy targets many types of receptors, which fire off action potentials to give the probability to promote positive cellular changes. The result is long-term improvements in neurological integrity. Neuroplasticity is the ability for different levels of the nervous system to remodel themselves . Neuroplasticity requires stimuli to have the right amount of accuracy, intensity & repetition for the best outcome. The goal of this approach to healthcare is to positively influence the neurological system to improve functionality without the use of drugs or surgery.

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