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Migraine is a genetic condition that is the result of neurological dysfunction in the brain and brainstem.

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The muscles and joints in the neck can be contributing to your migraines. You'll want to make sure your spine is aligned and has proper range of motion.

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Migraines can come in cycles and coincide with changes in hormones. Testing can be performed in order to ensure proper hormonal balance.

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Certain foods can cause low levels of inflammation and even trigger migraines. Identifying and removing food triggers, along with managing blood sugar is crucial to migraine relief.

Migraine doctor san diego

OBC Migraine Program

Our world-wide migraine program is designed to improve function and eliminate migraines. Whether you are a San Diego local or traveling to see us from out of town, we will provide the roadmap to regain your health.

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Migraine doctor san diego

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The Link Between TBI and Hormones

Women injured during the luteal phase of their menstrual cycle, when progesterone concentration is high, had significantly lower Quality of Life and Health Index Scores than women injured during the follicular phase of their cycle or women taking oral contraceptives

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Avoiding eye strain by eliminating artificial blue light

The systems that receive blue light are common areas that are damaged after a concussion or whiplash injury. Some patients can develop extreme sensitivity to light (and sometimes sound) when these areas are not working optimally. A comprehensive neurological evaluation is recommended if you are having light sensitivity or eye strain related to a concussion or even classic migraine headaches behind or around your eyes.

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The doctors here at OBC have worked predominantly with migraine sufferers for years. There are so many people out there who are looking for answers. Here are some facts to help you identify if you have migraines and if we may be able to help you.

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Migraine doctor san diego



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