Musculoskeletal Therapies

Brain-Based Adjusting​

Manipulation of the spine and extremities (joints other than those in the spinal column) can be done using manual thrusts. We leverage the hardwired neurological pathways that are activated during the adjustment to influence the central nervous system. The therapeutic focus of this modality is restoring neurological and bio-mechanical function.

Hypervolt Vibrational Therapy

Hypervolt is a vibratory therapy that relaxes muscles and breaks up scar tissue. The percussion improves range of motion, decreases pain and increases circulation to remove waste products.

Instrument-Assisted Adjusting​

The Impulse IQ Adjusting Instrument is a computerized, live-feedback device utilized to provide reproducible, comfortable low-force adjustments to the spine or extremities, similar to manual adjustments. Some patients require adjustments be modified for various reasons and this device allows us to communicate with their central nervous system with a “whisper” instead of a “shout”.

Iron Neck Pro

Founded on research that identifies neck strength as a way to reduce concussion risk… “For every 1 lb. increase in neck strength, odds of concussion decreased by 5%”… Iron Neck training is the most effective way to reduce the effects of whiplash forces to the head. Male neck strength is twice that of female athletes! Smaller mean neck circumference, smaller mean neck-to-head circumference ratio, and weaker mean overall neck strength were significantly associated with concussion. (Collins et al 2014)

Low Level Laser

Low Level Laser Theraphy reduces inflammation, improves recovery time, and inhibits pain, including chronic musculoskeletal pain such as neck and back pain and inflammatory conditions like plantar fasciitis. It also enhances oxygenation/blood flow, which can significantly improve brain function. Light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that has been used for decades in sports rehabilitation to enhance athletic performance and tissue healing.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a form of soft tissue therapy which can be manual or instrument-assisted for stretching and releasing adhesions between fascia, ligaments, tendons, skin, muscles, and bones. This technique helps connective tissue fibers to reorganize themselves into a more functional pattern.

Neuromuscular Therapy & Exercise

We develop an individualized strength and conditioning exercise regimen for patients to eliminate pain and stabilize their spine. We develop programs for neck and back pain as well as extremity pain. Many patients suffer from chronic shoulder or knee pain due to an imbalance of muscle activity or brain-based impairment. Our programs help to retrain proper movement through gait and ultimately restore functionality.


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