The Story of Oculus Brain Centers

The word Oculus is an architectural term which originates from the 2nd century and is described as a round opening in a dome or wall. Oculus is translated from Latin to literally mean eye.

Our Story 1

You may recognize this picture of the Pantheon in Rome, Italy, which has the largest Oculus in the world. This design feature allows sunshine to pour into the building and illuminate what’s inside.

Our Story 2

The eyes are said to be the window into brain function. Just as the Oculus allows sunshine to illuminate the inside of the building, our doctors utilize the eyes to illuminate brain function!

Our Story 3

At Oculus Brain Centers, we use state-of-the-art technology to record eye movements, evaluate the way the eyes track targets, as well as performing a fundoscopic exam which means looking through the pupil into the eye itself.

right eye functional vision test

These tests help to give our doctors pieces to your clinical puzzle which, once solved, will give us answers to which part of the brain and nervous system need our help.


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