Infrared Video Goggles (Video Oculography)

Video Oculography 1

Infrared video goggles help to make the examination and diagnosis of a dizzy patient more accurate by allowing our doctors to see eye movements that are often suppressed in normal light. The patient wearing the goggles cannot see anything, only darkness.

This is how we remove any visual fixation to allow the eyes to move freely. The two infrared cameras inside the goggles record each eye independently and send a video feed straight to a laptop for our doctors to watch your eyes in real time.

“Clinicians who use infrared video goggles have been shown to visualize 100% of abnormal eye movements that provide critical information toward accurate diagnosis and treatment of vestibular patients, as compared to 33% of abnormal eye movements visualized with traditional thickened lens Frenzel glasses. (Baba et al., 2004).”

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